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To provide the library (information/documentation) services to our targeted users in right time, the Library offers the following services:

  • Cataloguing service: It has Koha Integrated Library System (Library Software) to search the documents needed within the library.
  • Circulation service: It provides circulation service to its members for one month and 15 days to MPs and staff respectively.
  • E-library: The Federal Parliament Library has been maintaining e-library, where e-resources are available for various disciplines.
  • Reference service: It offers reference collection, which can't be borrowed reading and only available within library premises.
  • Newspaper services: It has numerous collection of newspapers and magazines e.g., daily, weekly, and monthly ranging from national to international.
  • Photocopying services: Library also provides the Xerox facility to our members.
  • Computer rooms: It provides the computer rooms with high speed Internet and search engines for MPs.
  • OPAC service: Users can search from the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) database of the library.
  • Reservation Services: User can book their required books.
  • Book demand service: User can demand their books of need, if those books are not available in library. Library purchases those books and provide them to the MPs and its members.
  • Some free online e-resources are also available in library. Which provides peer reviewed journals, full text research articles to the user, for example, Research4life and TUCL Remotexs databases etc.
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